Julian Kang

Software Engineer, FullStack Developer, UI/UX Designer

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Passionate Technophile since 1990


Live life to the fullest, we only get one shot.

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About Me

How's it going, name's Julian. I'm a software engineer that has always been passionate about building things that focuses on efficiency.

I've always been interested in taking ideas and turning them into reality. My focus has always been taking on technical challenges to bolster creativity and ingenuity

Life Goals

  • Travel to 50 different countries
  • Taste cuisines of the world
  • Become a skilled artist






Some past works done my me


Home Sweet Woof





My Mission

I believe in a world where technology and data can make day to day tasks easier for everyone. And it is my mission to empower each individual with knowledge, tips and tools to turn their dreams into reality. My passion for building softwares focuses on giving individuals the agency to build a better future.

My Goals

Live, Laugh, Learn and Love. Grow each and every day and be able to produce meaningful results that leaves an impact on the world we live in. To strive for excellence and work with outsanding inviduals is something I take great pride in.

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Always willing to answer any questions